8 Then cried He upon me, and spake unto me, saying, Behold, these that go toward the north country [eretz tzafon] have quieted My spirit in the north country [ Ruach [HaKodesh] in the eretz tzafon].

One of the spirit-chariots was harnessed with black horses, and another of them with white. Their mission was "into the north country" -- north from Jerusalem. That country was to be plagued, therefore the black horses were sent thither first. While they were doing their work, the Lord's Spirit was in a state of unrest, actively inflicting judgment upon the workers of iniquity in the north country. But when they had been sufficiently plagued, the white horses were sent into the country after them -- "the white go forth after the black."

As the white drove through the land the black would retire; and the vision of the north country would be a spirit-chariot with white horses. What then would be the condition of that country so symbolized? The answer is, peace, prosperity, and plenty would be its condition; in other words, the Lord's Spirit having conquered, would be in a state of rest; his wrath against the people would have passed away, and public tranquility be restored