16 O turn unto me, and have mercy [be gracious] upon me; give thy strength [oz] unto thy servant [eved], and save the son of thine handmaid [ben amatecha].

'...that there never was a time when the Father and his Spirit were not; but that until the birth of the babe in Bethlehem, that babe had no rudimental existence, save as Judah existed in the loins of Abraham, or Abraham in Adam; and therefore the babe in Adam from whom Luke traces its descent.

There was no Word made flesh until the birth of Mary's son, who in the Psalms is styled by the Spirit, "the Son of thine handmaid." The babe was created as Adam was created; the latter by the Spirit from the dust direct; the former by the Spirit from Mary's substance; and therefore from the dust indirectly.

These are facts testified to by the Word unmixed with superstitious inferences and speculations. Adam the First was created for reproduction; Adam the Second for God-Manifestation to the posterity of the first. There having been a time since the foundation of the world during which there was no God-manifestation through Adamic flesh, there was consequently a time when the Adamic Medium called Jesus was not.

In attentively considering Jesus, however, we know him only as Son of God and Mary. For thirty years he lived among men as a mechanic, working at his father-in-law's trade, being in favour with all his acquaintances, and without reproach. During all this time there was no manifestation of God through him. He cast out no demons, performed no miracles, and delivered no message to the people before his immersion in the Jordan, and the trial of his faith in his wilderness probation of forty days.

But when he had fulfilled the righteousness typified in the law in being immersed of John, the Spirit of the Father descended upon him in the form of a dove; and having driven him into the desert to be tempted of the Devil and brought him thence again approved, he began from that time to manifest himself to Israel as the El Shaddai who dealt with Abraham, and the Yahweh who by his angel talked with Moses in the bush.

From this the anointing of "the Holy One of Saints," the Spirit-manifester, the manifesting medium, and the manifested Father, concentred in Jesus. This being understood, the reader will know how to interpret the words "before Abraham was, I am," and many others of a similar description.

Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come, June 1854