5 Yahweh trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.

The Difference between Kindness and Love

Though God sends His benefits upon the wicked He does not love them‭; ‬the very opposite-we are told that He hates them.‭-(‬Psalms‭ xi ‬5.‭) ‬He is angry with the wicked:

‭ "‬My soul hateth the proud man,‭" ‬He says‭; ‬and to certain people who brought their sacrifices with uncleanness,‭ ‬He said‭ "‬These are a smoke in my nostrils:‭ ‬a fire that burneth all the day.‭"

Therefore to be like God we are not required to do a moral impossibility‭; ‬for it‭ ‬is a moral impossibility to love everybody.‭ ‬We can be kind:‭ ‬that is another thing.‭ ‬It is possible to be kind-to take a benevolent interest in people...

We can bring ourselves to this‭; ‬but to arrive at the point of love is impossible.‭ ‬God does not ask us to do what He doesn't do Himself‭; ‬and He doesn't love the wicked-neither does Jesus‭; ‬for he is coming to destroy them.‭ ‬But he is kind and patient for the present,‭ ‬and so must we be.

The Ambassador of the Coming Age, May 1868