2 The sons of Japheth [Settled mainly in Europe]; Gomer [France], and Magog [Germany], and Madai [Medes/ Persia] , and Javan [Greece/ Ionia], and Tubal [Tobolski], and Meshech [Moscow], and Tiras [Thracia -Bulgaria, Romania, Crimea on the Black Sea].

Gomer and Magog migrated west into the heart of Europe settling next to each other either side of the Rhine (Josephus/ Herodotus.

In Rev 13 Gomer under Charlemagne became the Beast of the Sea. Subsequently the 'holy Roman empire' seat of power transferred to Magog (Germany) The Beast of the Earth (central Europe). 

Since WWII France and Germany have been at the heart of Europe. Since its formation as the European Economic Community Gomer and Magog have enjoyed unprecented co-operation - a sign we are in the Latter Days.