2 Now the first inhabitants that dwelt in their possessions in their cities were, the Israelites, the priests, Levites, and the Nethinim.


Were ‬the Gibeonites‭ (‬Josh.‭ ‬9:27‭) the descendants of the ‬Nethinim?

They were formally given by David to‭ ‬the Levites‭ ‬to be their servants and so were called‭ ‬Nethinim '‭ ‬the given ones'

..of‭ ‬the‭ ‬Nethinim,‭ ‬whom David and‭ ‬the princes had appointed for‭ ‬the service of‭ ‬the Levites,‭ ‬220‭ ‬Nethinim:‭ ‬all of them were expressed by name Ezra 8: 20.

and set apart for the service of the temple - Josephus refers to them as temple servants.

Also we certify you,‭ ‬that touching any of‭ ‬the priests and Levites,‭ ‬singers,‭ ‬porters,‭ ‬Nethinim,‭ ‬or ministers of this house of Elohim,‭ ‬it shall not be lawful to impose toll,‭ ‬tribute,‭ ‬or custom,‭ ‬upon them - Ezra 7;24.

‬No reference to the Nethinim appears in‭ ‬the New Testament It is probable they became indistinct, merging into‭ ‬the general body of‭ ‬the Jewish people.