The writer of this book was almost certainly James, the Lord's brother, the spokesman and leader of the ecclesia at Jerusalem. This epistle is generally considered the earliest, written, it is thought about 45 AD, although some date it a little later than that. It was written to Jewish believers of the dispersion outside of Palestine throughout the Roman Empire.

It is very similar in its form of teaching to the teachings of Christ. There is more imagery from nature than in all of Paul's epistles put together. We know that was a method by which Christ taught.

God uses different instruments for different purposes.

James gives very concise expression to basic principles and problems of character. Certain typical passages will come to mind to illustrate this, of which his book is full. He had the faculty of expressing basic truths very forcibly and strikingly. He goes right to the heart of things. His words are fairly simply, but actually very deep. His tone is positive and decisive. This short book contains over 50 commands.

Bro Growcott - James 1