The Old and New Testaments represent the kingdom of God in its past and future administration.

Moses, the prophets, the apostles, and Jesus Christ represent faith's foundation stones.-(Eph. 2:20.)

The Christadelphian, Mar 1873


The lion, the King of Israel, addressed to Israel, 

tracing the line from Abraham and David.

Authenticity of the New Testament

MR. ROBERTS: I say, respected friends..., that Matthew was written by Matthew in the Hebrew language, and afterwards translated into Greek; Mark was written by Mark at the dictation of Peter, as is supposed; Luke was written by Luke; John was written by John; the three last all in Greek. They were all written for the information of believers in Christ, and as an authentic and official record (for the information of subsequent generations) of the facts upon which their faith was based.

I am not able to produce the originals, because, as I believe, they do not exist. If Mr. Stern asks me why, I give this answer: I say for precisely the same reason that he would tell me who wrote the five books of Moses, the books of Samuel and the others. Why would he say so? for a very good reason. If the authorship of a book is unquestioned at the moment of its production, and continues in all subsequent generations to be received, the fact amounts to a demonstration.

Was Jesus of Nazareth The Messiah?


Mr. Robert Roberts and Mr. Louis Stern, Oct. 1871