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6 By mercy [chesed] and truth [emes] iniquity [avon] is purged: and by the fear [Yirat] of Yahweh men depart from evil [rah].

7 When a man's [ish] ways [drakhei] please Yahweh, he maketh even his enemies [oyevim] to be at peace [in shalom] with him.

Man's purpose and destiny is to give pleasure to God. When we are pleasing Him, we are in harmony with the universe and eternity. Any human being whose life's desire is not pleasing God is an abortion and a failure and must be eliminated from God's universe.

A life whose central, basic, guiding principle is not the desire, intention and effort to constantly give God pleasure, is an empty, sterile, dead life -- a tragedy of blind folly and lost opportunity. Pleasing God and being in harmony and communion with His love is man's highest possible joy and happiness.

A "successful" life is one in which every moment is consciously devoted to giving God pleasure. He has plainly said what He desires, and it consists mainly of a certain character, attitude and frame of mind. Certainly there are specific things to be done and to be not done, but though the acts themselves are important, the motive and purpose that lie behind them are more important.

The motive of everything we do must be thanksgiving and love and joy in the marvelous beauty of holiness that God's glory has revealed to poor, weak, mortal, perishing man. There is no joy and peace remotely comparable to the assurance that we are striving to the very best of our tiny little ability to please God every moment.

Bro Growcott

25 There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Reject the flesh as a way of life. It isn't. It is a way of death. Reject it over the whole spectrum of your thinking and activity. It is cheating, deceptive and misleading. It has nothing to offer by way of satisfaction and happiness, in spite of all its false promises and glittering attraction. It's the world's biggest fake and fraud.

Bro Growcott