[Yeshayah 46 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)]

1 Bel boweth down, [Nevo] stoopeth [low], their idols [atzabim] were upon the beasts [behemah], and upon the cattle: your carriages [litters] were heavy loaden; they are a burden [massa] to the weary beast.

Cyrus destroyed Babylon and smashed all its idols which the Persians hated. This typifies what Christ, the antitypical Cyrus, and the saints will do to this evil world (cosmos) - totally smash it and purge it of all false religion, education and scientific/technological systems that pollute and defile this earth, and all the idolatry of this papal and paganistic modern age. This is what the overthrow of Babylon represents. *

2 They stoop, they bow down together; they could not deliver [save ] the burden [massa], but themselves are gone into captivity [shevi].

Confounding of Bel and Nebo.

Bel = Lord, master, husband. Nebo = god of education,science, learning, astronomy.

Ziggurats and temples to these false gods represented by hideous idols, were widespread over the plains of Mesopotami, and spread across the Middle East to Canaan, and into apostate Israel (Jdg.2. l3, 17,) Jer. 7. 9, 18, Jer 14), and notoriously in the reign of Manasseh (2 Chr 29. and ch 34.

All the prophets testified against apostasy or idolatry in Israel and Judah but went unheeded and were persecuted and rejected for their faithful witness (2 Kin 17, 2 Chron 34.) as did the apostles (2 Tim. 3.13; 2 Tim. 4. 3,4; 2 Pet. 2. l-3, 1 Jhn. 4. 1-4; 2 Jhn, Jude, Acts 2. 28~30; 2 Thess 2) as did Christ (Mtt.23), for which testimony against the elders he was done to death (crucified).

Hyslop in his "Two Babylons" traces Baal or Bel to Cush, son of Ham, founder of Chaos, and his son Nimrod architect of the Tower of Babel (Gen. 10&11). This tower was rebuilt by Nebuchadnezzar, and represented ecclesiastical Babylon or the pagan Apostasy, a position assumed by the Popes in St Peter's basilica, which is spiritual Babylon, marked by the Image of Jupiter (now called Peter), alias Baal, and his wife Ashtarte ( renamed Mary, mother of god, or Isis Queen of heaven), once Semiramis, wife of Nimrod (see Rollins ancient History). Female deities such as Venus, Diana etc., littered the pagan world in a pall of thick Babylonish darkness.

Unger (Archeology of the O.T.) has much on Baal worship and the licentious practices and fertility cults associated with the Baal cult, or spiritual whoredoms (Rev.17.5). Jehu did much to purge Samaria of this idolatrous Baal worship and priestcraft (2 Kgs. 10), inviting faithful Jehonadab into his chariot to participate in this great work. Here Jehonadab types the saints with Christ (the antitypical Jehu and his faithful companions), who will distinguish themselves as global iconoclasts, and have done so in their probation by repudiating all false worship and heresy and apostasy and refusing to fellowship such.

All this was typified by the work of Cyrus destroyer of Babylon, and causing their slaves to haul away these Babylonish idols as burdens into oblivion (v.l,2) (Jer. 50, 51) (Isa. 2. 19-22, Rev. l8; Rev. l9; Dan. l2. 2,3). *

3 Hearken unto Me, O house of Jacob [Pay heed unto Me, O Bais Ya'akov], and all the remnant of the house of Israel [kol She'erit Bais Yisroel], which [who] are borne by Me from the belly [from birth], which [who] are carried from the womb [rechem]:

4 And even to your old age [ziknah] I am He; and even to [(your)] hoar [gray] hairs will I carry you: I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you.

The Israelites (Judah and Benjamin) would be helped to return to Zion from the youngest to the oldest, and nothing would be able to stop them, every obstacle would be removed from their path, and every facility afforded unto them (Ezra 1. 2; Haggai 1. 2; Zech. 1, Neh. 1-3).

So the Jews in Babylon were freed from their slavery by Cyrus, as we have been freed from the enslavement of King Sin and his companion Death by the Lord Jesus Christ, that we might pass through this wildemess of life as strangers and pilgrims, having no continuing city, but looking for one whose builder and maker is God, animated and inspired by those visions of the prophets and Patmos. So it will be with the second Exodus for the faithful Jews in the Diaspora who rally to the Cyrus call to return to Zion (Pslm. 91, Ezk.20. 33-38, Jr.31). *

5 To whom [Lemi ] will ye liken [compare ] Me, and make Me equal, and compare [liken]Me, that we may be like [comparable]?

None like Yahweh - dumb idols smashed. Cyrus' name means 'One like the Heir' and this verse is a play on the name Cyrus, who is described as Yahweh's shepherd in Isa 44. 28, the restorer of Jerusalem and the temple and subduer of nations, and overthrower of Babylon (Isa 45: 1-2).

The key to Babylon's overthrow, was the drying up of the great River Eurphrates, and is typical and this been done in the last times (Rev 16. 12) viz the drying up of the Ottoman empire 1917 opening the way for the Jews to return to their ancient, and for the coming or thief like advent of their Messiah (Rev 16:15) amidst great political turbulence across the Middle East, with world wide repercussions (Armageddon crisis). *

6 They lavish gold [ zahav] out of the bag, and weigh silver [kesef] in the balance [on the scale], and hire a goldsmith [tzoref]; and he maketh it god [El]: they fall down, yea, they [bow down in]worship.

7 They bear him upon the shoulder [ katef], they carry him, and set him in his place, and he standeth; from his place [makom] shall he not [move]: yea, one shall cry unto him, yet can he not answer, nor save him out of his trouble [tzoros].

The futility and abject superstition of idolatry, still carried out literally by the Catholic Church and its harlot daughters all over Europe, Latin America etc. Processions with idols and pilgrimages and cross worship.

The world has tried to make the creator after their own image, be it in dumb idols, or modern science and technology, which is worshipped as a god and seen as the answer to all human problems (scientific socialism and its philosophic companions hedonism and humanism).

The Truth will be vindicated by the living God, who neither slumbers nor sleeps, but will avenge himself of his enemies. *

8 Remember this, and shew yourselves men [stand firm]: bring it again to mind [lev (heart), O ye transgressors [poshe'im (rebelling, transgressing ones)].

'...many of the captive Jews seem to have turned to the idolatry of Babylon (apostasised), and this is an appeal to return to Yahweh'. *

9 Remember the former things [ rishonot ] of old [me'olam]: for I am El, and there is none else [not another]; I am Elohim, and there is none like Me,

Such, then, was Deity before the appearance of Jesus-Spirit, substantial and radiant: substantial in his own person; radiant thence into all the Elohim of his universe, in whom the radiant matter, by the fiat of the Divine Will, became fixed, organic, corporeal, and consubstantial with the Deity himself. Thus, He is Eloah in chief; and "without me," he saith, "of Elohim there is none else," and "without me there are no Elohim," and therefore it is we find the phrase ... "HE the Elohim" - He, the only Deity, by his Spirit, a multitude of mighty ones.

Eureka 1.2.1.

The whole plan and purpose of Yahweh over the demiurgic week of a 7 thousand years time line is laid out in the sure word of prophecy. (2 Pet. 1. l9-21. Pv. 19. 21. Pslm. 33. 9). This preeminently includes the work of Cyrus prophesied 150 years before it was realised (Is:44:28; 45. 1-2, and of the antitypical Cyrus apocalyptically set forth (Rev.16~21 ). *

10 Declaring the end [Making known acharim (end-times things)] from the beginning [reshit], and from ancient times [mikedem] the things that are not yet done [have not yet happened], saying, My counsel [etza (purpose, plan)] shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

What is Prophecy?

Prophecy is a revelation of God's will and designs in relation to man, and the government of the world.

Prophetic truths are presented in various forms, suited to the varied circumstances and conditions of those addressed.

Prophecy may include doctrine, instruction, warning, entreaty, expostulation, or whatever Yahweh has been pleased to reveal to man.

But specially and principally, Prophecy is the foretelling of future events. It is a delineation of the fate of cities, nations, kingdoms, and empires; sometimes with all the minuteness of historic record.

To reveal future events is solely the prerogative of Him who "sees the end from the beginning;" with whom all things are present-nothing past, nothing future.

God accomplishes his purposes through various media. Sometimes he "makes the winds his messengers, and the lightnings his ministers;" the sea hears his voice, and executes his high behests; the earthquake heaves the solid earth, and cities fall; volcanoes belch forth their flames and fiery floods, and consternation and devastation are spread around.

But man is the medium through whom God has been pleased to reveal the purposes of his will; and those through whom he thus communicates are called Prophets.

Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come, Jul 1856.

10 Declaring the end [Making known acharim (end-times things)] from the beginning [reshit], and from ancient times [mikedem] the things that are not yet done [have not yet happened], saying, My counsel [etza (purpose, plan)] shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

11 Calling a ravenous bird [bird of prey] from the east [mizrach], the man [ish] that executeth My counsel [ etza] from a far country: yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it.

Israel will do valiantly under the Saints, and are the instruments in their hands by whom the kings and their armies will be devoured. As then Cyrus was styled "a ravenous bird from the east" in coming against Babylon to destroy it; and the powers hostile to Israel were termed birds (Isa. 46:11; Jer. 12:9); so Israelites are symbolized by flesh-devouring fowls, when they shall be summoned into activity against the "unclean and hateful birds" of Babylon the Great.

The Apocalyptic banquet for the fowls of the midheaven, is the last period of judgment upon the worshippers of the Beast and his Image. The loud voice of the one angel calls them to the work of slaughter. Babylon having fallen, the work of the third angel has now to be executed upon her sympathizing survivors, the kings of the earth and their armies. John saw them already gathered in battle array; and he saw the fowls gathered who were to devour them - the ravenous birds of him who rides the goodly horse, and his hosts of the heaven.

Eureka 19.10.

12 Hearken [Pay heed] unto Me, ye stouthearted [ abirei lev (stubborn of heart)], that are far from righteousness [tzedakah]:

13 I bring near My righteousness [tzedakah]; it shall not be far off, and My salvation [Teshuah ] shall not tarry: and I will place salvation [Teshuah ] in [Tziyon for Yisroel] My glory [Tife'arti].

The exhortation is to hearken to Yahweh, humble themselves, and embrace the Truth before it is too late, abandon their idolatry and sportifications and Babylonish entertainments, which gratify the flesh but are God dishonouring. Christmas keeping and other pagan, papish Babylonish practices - to the moles and bats.

By the decree of Cyrus this was effected in type under Zerubbabel and Joshua (Hag. Zech prophecies) and is imminent now 100 yrs after 1917.


* The Apocalyptic Messenger, Dec 2017