17 And his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.

Seek the great and essential gift of total devotion that marks off the few, rare, eternal children of God from all the shapes and sorts and sizes of passing creatures of the flesh: total dedication, total singleness of mind and love and purpose.

Pray fervently and constantly for it. Nothing is accomplished without it. With it, mountains are moved. "I MUST be about my Father's business ... The zeal of Thine house hath eaten me up!"

This is not some strange, far-off uniqueness for Christ alone. This is the ONLY Way of Life, which he has gloriously exemplified for us. God will give it to all who constantly and earnestly SEEK it: not just in passive prayer, but in study, and service, and deep meditation -- and repeatedly wrenching the mind back from present distractions to eternal realities; constantly wrenching the mind and hands back from childish fleshly playing to mature spiritual working.

The prize is eternity. It is only for those who value it enough to give it their whole lives, and cast everything aside to get it.

Anything less mocks God.

Bro Growcott