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1 When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called My son out of Egypt.

Upon what principle was the Hebrew nation Yahweh's Son? Upon precisely the same principle that the Son of Mary claimed to be Son of God -- upon that of Spirit-paternity.

Isaac was the father of the nation, and his begettal was miraculous. The nation descended from him was a "miraculous conception"; and Jews consider those who believe that God has a Son, and in the miraculous conception, of that Son, "should be set down as demented, and only entitled to pity, and to a cell in an asylum."

All that the Jews say against the narrative of Matthew and Luke concerning the birth of Jesus, might be turned with equal force against Moses' account of the birth of Isaac. Matthew says, that 

"Mary was found with child of the Holy Spirit"; 

and Moses clearly shows that if the Holy Spirit had not affected Sarah, there would have been no Isaac, and consequently no Hebrew nation. The peculiarity of Isaac's paternity is the ground of Yahweh's claim upon Israel as His son.

Phanerosis - What Moses Taught Concerning The Christ