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22 For the king [HaMelech] had at sea a navy [fleet of oniyyot] of Tharshish with the navy [fleet of oniyyot] of Hiram [Chiram]: once in three years [shalosh shanim] came the navy of Tharshish [oniyyot Tarshish], bringing gold, and silver [zahav, and kesef], ivory, and apes [monkeys], and peacocks.

Eastern Tharshish - India

The three-things about a peacock's tail which show unerring design and advanced biotechnological, optical innovation are 1. Its intrinsic beauty, 2. Its flawless mathematical design and programming 3. Its advanced optical engineering since there are no colour pigments on the peacock's tail feathers. It is all "light-interference".

The eye feathers are precise digital patterns structured into complex concentric cardoid and ellipsoid designs to produce the eye effect of perfect mathematical symmetry. The colour of the individual eye structures go from a purple centre to a blue iris to a bronze surround to a green outer finish.

The entire colour scheme has no pigment but is caused by different micro thickness of 3 layered keratin on the barbules. The barbules in turn are segmented with any individual segment being a given interference pattern, but coordinated precisely with adjacent barbules, to form the whole mathematically integrated pattern and the astounding fan display of the male peacock.

A main peacock tail feather has in a given eye pattern, about 100 barbs arising from the central feather stem, and up to 100,000 barbules for a given eye structure. Since each barbule is divided into about 20 segments with their own individual interference pattern, produced by precise variations in keratin thickness, and corresponding optical effects along the barbule, this means there are about 2 million segments involved in a single eye pattern.

The genetic code of a peacock must contain all the information to produce the eye patterns, not just one but the several hundred in the fan, including the keratin thickness of each of the 20 segments along a single barbule, and to co-ordinate these precisely with the adjacent barbules. This could involve thousands of DNA chemical units.

How could all this happen by chance? It defies all logic, but testifies to phenomenal precision design. Mating yes, but to give glory to Yahweh "for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. But proud as a peacock struts man in his arrogance, without the beauty.

The true garments of glory and beauty are seen in Christ, the Perfect man, whose character was the exact likeness of the Father (Ex.2 Eph.4.13, Hb.I.3).

Bro Richard Lister -

The Apocalyptic Messenger,