9 Before Yahweh; for he cometh to judge the earth: with righteousness shall he judge the world, and the people with equity.


The wicked are the most prosperous; and what is still more trying to human reason, we observe that the people of God (as they are supposed to be) who act with inconsistency themselves not only prosper in their worldly schemes, but are the very first to censure others who have acted with greater honesty than they; and the most worldly minded "Christian" is always the first to preach to others less worldly than himself!

Of all the iniquities of the present state, this appears the most flagrant-for the unbeliever can only prosper for a few years; his time will come. But a true believer will prosper through eternity. But if he have sacrificed his christian principles for the sake of worldly advancement, is there to be no requital for this? Assuredly there will be; for God is just!

The kingdom of the Son of Man provides a compensation for all inequalities, and a retribution for the ill doing of the members of the body. Our Lord himself has promised that those who lose for His sake, and the Gospel's, shall receive an hundred fold.

And this recompense will undoubtedly be made in the distribution of the honours and decorations of the kingdom of Christ. Those who lose anything in this world for the truth, shall gain a hundredfold in the Age to Come; not in the imaginary glories of an unknown heaven, but in the real authority of the Millennial Kingdom.

While those believers of the one-talent class will be bound hand and foot, and driven out from the presence of the King into outer darkness among the enemy.

On the one hand some will be made rulers over "ten cities," others over "five;" while those who have held the gospel of the kingdom as subordinate to their worldly advancement, will be excluded from the glory, honour, and dominion of the kingdom.

Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come, Aug 1856.