5 So [Moshe] the servant of Yahweh died there in the land of Moab [Eretz Moav], according to the word of Yahweh.

Depressing? Well life is like that! For men and women of faith the object of life must be the future, not the present. The present will witness a certain amount of success, but nothing permanent. Not even in the things of God. Even there we are bounded and limited by mortality. Therefore, a man of faith, a servant of God, must learn to look beyond the present to the glorious future.

When life is lived like that, and labour is viewed from that standpoint, man might esteem both as failures, but it is not so viewed by God. It is character more than work accomplished that counts.

...Ecclesias are the same. They are formed, established, develop and die. The record of history testifies to this. The lesson of history teaches that only as individuals develop in faith, and are moulded by circumstances without and the power of the Word within, is anything of permanent value accomplished.

Life is terminable and so are all the effects of man today - whether in the Truth or in the world. So Moses is taken to the top of Nebo.

The Christadelphian Expositor