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4 Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.

We do not believe in or practice "coercion."

Submission to the truth is an affair of enlightened free will on all hands. Individually, we claim and exercise the right only that every man claims and exercises (our opponents most of all) - the right of deciding for ourselves and ourselves alone what it is our duty to do or refrain from doing. If others for themselves agree with us this is not our crime, but a happy coincidence which only muddy-mindedness can lay to our charge.

We make no profession to have more ability than others to decide such questions. We are what we are, making no professions one way or other. If others make professions for us, we can only regret the unwisdom, and endure it with many other embarrassments incident to the present headless condition of affairs.

TC Feb 1887

12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

In this there is an element of terror to those who are obnoxious to that judgment seat‭; ‬but who are they‭? ‬The disobedient and the unforgiven.‭ ‬The friends of Christ are not disobedient‭; ‬it is their obedience that constitutes them his friends.‭ ‬Their life,‭ ‬as a whole,‭ ‬is a life of obedience.‭

There may be slips,‭ ‬and faults,‭ ‬and frailties,‭ ‬and shortcomings,‭ ‬but for these there is forgiveness,‭ ‬where there is love.‭ ‬This is one of the elements of the Gospel,‭ ‬that if any man in submission to the Gospel sin thus,‭ ‬we have an advocate with the Father,‭ ‬Jesus Christ the Righteous,‭ ‬and if we confess our sins,‭ ‬he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins,‭ ‬and to cleanse us from all iniquity.‭

The obedient friends of Christ do not feel that these frailties stand between them and the friendship of Christ.‭ ‬The frailties belong to the weak flesh of which they are at present constituted.‭ ‬They themselves remember what is written,‭ ‬that‭ "‬He knoweth our frame,‭ ‬and remembereth that we are dust.‭" ‬Also,‭ "‬If thou Lord shouldest mark iniquity,‭ ‬who shall stand‭? ‬But there is forgiveness with thee,‭ ‬that thou mayest be feared‭;" ‬that is,‭ ‬in the selection of sons for everlasting life,‭ ‬God proceeds upon the principle of forgiveness,‭ ‬that they may be humbled in the sense of benefaction conferred and He exalted,‭ ‬in the exercise of merciful prerogative.

Exhort 276 The Christadelphian, April 1896.

19 Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.

Live much in the Bible,‭ ‬and you will not be troubled much at the confusions that prevail among men-whether those men are called brethren or not.‭ ‬These confusions have existed from the very beginning,‭ ‬and they are not going to end till Christ himself arrive to put things in order.‭ ‬So you must not look for hope of rest in that direction.‭ ‬

Reading,‭ ‬prayer,‭ ‬and kind deeds will bring you peace in the strifes that destroy many.‭ ‬Remember the quietus that is waiting every hot human tongue a short way ahead,‭ ‬and it will help you to bear and to‭ "‬follow the things that make for peace.‭"

‭TC 12/1896