JOB 26

7 He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.


Planet Earth. A sublime wonder excluding chance or evolution, but the design and work of an Almighty Creator.


The earth is not a solid ball, but has an internal structure of core (nickel iron), mantle and crust. Geologists have recognised this from seismic velocities which reflect differing layers. The core revolves with the rotation of the earth, and creates the protective magnetosphere. Hear is a miracle of design. Without the magnetosphere the planet would be continually bombarded with deadly solar particles and cosmic rays rendering organic life impossible.

Mantle. The next layer, above the core, is the thick molten mantle, which under huge pressure, consists of molten igneous materials basically granitic and basaltic in composition. When extruded at the earth's surface, these form volcanoes and fiery lava fIows, burning up everything before their incandescent fire (Rev 1.) reminding one of Vesuvius, which destroyed the sin city of Pompei in AD79, by similar gas and ash outpourings with thunder and lightning of divine wrath.

Gems of the Diadem.

When intruded into the crust, the-upper mantle forms igneous rocks and intrusions, e.g, granite batholiths such as underly the Rocky Mountains, and basaltic ocean-floors, and continental shields such as the Pilbara of Australia, the Laurentian Shield of Canada and Labrador the Bushveld complex of South Africa, or the Arabian Shield which includes Mount Sinai (Ex 19.)

Such areas are rich in mineral and mined since ancient times for gold, silver, precious stones iron ore and copper (brass). (See Job 28 for abundant details of this ancient mining). Used in the Tabernacle and Temple and from pre flood times by Tubal Cain an artificer in iron and brass (copper) (Gen.4:22). The Greeks were noted for their use of bronze (an alloy of copper and tin), (tin was brought from Tarshish Baratanac by Tyrian ships), gold from Ophir, Rome noted for iron (see Dan 2 Image), for their two edged swords (Eph.6), and many other articles.

Earth's crust.

All sedimentary rocks or strata are found here. In this relatively thin layer, formed by erosion and deposition, or precipitation from the oceans. It is the earth's crust which directly relates to human habitation, society and activities, and all plant and animal life. Important sedimentary rocks are Limestones such as form many of the Mediterranean lands - Spain. Italy, Greece, Israel (from which are built Solomon's Temple from huge limestone quarries with thousands of workers (2Chron.2.18); the city of Jerusalem, and the future great Temple of Ezekiel's prophecy; sandstones (Edomite hills), sand and clay or mudstone (Gen. 15, Dan.2, Hbk.2.6, Gen.2.7).


Some rocks are altered by heat and pressure to form metamorphic rocks and here a lesson "be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed (metamorphosis) by the renewing of your minds" (Rom.12.1). By such metamorphic processes, diamonds and gemstones are formed such as those in High Priest's bejewelled breastplate of judgment. This also applies to butterflies, a beautiful creature transformed from an humble grub.

All this is the work of an Almighty Creator (Gen. I , Pslm.104, Pv.8). Generally rocks and stones figure prominently in the Bible such as flint (ls.50.7,Josh.5.3 mgn.), coal (Is.6.6,7). Tsur = immoveable rock, a title of Deity (Deut. 32.4, Ps.l8~1). Christ the smitten rock Ex. 17.6,7. whom the builders rejected, , but is become the head of the corner (ls.28.16, Ps.118.22), who will smite the lmage Colossus (Dan.2.35,45).

Tectonic plates.

Volcanoes and earthquakes have been found to be concentrated along well defined tectonic belts which divide the earth's surface up into tectonic plates and zones of crustal instability where, the plates collide and subduct, such as the San Andreas fault in California, the circum Pacific "Ring of Fire," the Mid Atlantic ridge includes Iceland, very volcanic. Mountain belts are formed where plates collide such as the Andes, Rockies, Alps, Mount Ararat, and Himalayas, or island arcs and archipelagos such as Indonesia.

As in the Flood, God can use all these features to humble down arrogant man, when he will rise and shake the earth, and they shall flee, into the caves and holes of the earth (Is.2.19-22). The Mount of Olives will split and cause a massive earth shock to relandscape the Holy Land, and elevate Mount Zion to the top of the mountains, when all nations will flow there to learn of his ways (ls.2.1-5, Zech.14.4-11, Ps.68.l4-17).

Then the earth shall be totally transformed, lofty nations humbled by tsunami, earthquakes and storms (Ezk.38.19-23). The ten commandments were written on tables of Sinai stone (granite). These will be reimposed in the Kingdom along with laws to discipline all flesh and and cause them to submit to Christ and the saints through the Millenium (Is.2.3, Ps.100).

The Apocalyptic Messenger, June 2018

13 By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent.

'What are we to make of the Spirit's individuality?'

Why, just what the Bible makes of it. It is as inseparable from God himself as his wisdom, knowledge, life, and power. It is the medium of connection between Him and all his works; so that by it he is everywhere present, though corporeally a million of years removed from some parts of his universe.

By it He is cognisant of the fall of a sparrow upon earth, and at the same instant, of events in the stars billions of leagues remote. 'There is nothing hid from him.' No man hath seen God at any time; but by his spirit he makes himself known, as to his 'holy men' of ancient time.

Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come, Dec 1852