16 And he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed.

Now the religion of Christ... teaches us to go into the world,‭ ‬to be active like himself - to develop by experience:‭ ‬to learn obedience by suffering.‭ ‬He is the exemplification of what we ought to be‭; ‬he mingled with men,‭ ‬and was tempted in all points like as we are,‭ ‬yet without sin.‭ ‬It is true he withdrew himself occasionally,‭ ‬and sought opportunity in the retirement and silence of the mountain top,‭ ‬to hold that communion with God which cannot take place in the midst of busy life‭; ‬and every true son and daughter of the Almighty will resemble him in this,‭ ‬that they will thirst for occasional solitude,‭ ‬to draw deeply from the fountain of spiritual strength and consolation.

‭ ‬Yet it will only be to return with greater zest to the work of doing the will of Him who pleases to make use of evil in the development of the highest good.‭ ‬Everyone who realises the position to which we are called in Christ,‭ ‬will appreciate the privilege of retiring from the busy and distracted world,‭ ‬to coolly and quietly contemplate those relations of being which are forgotten and altogether ignored by those who are all the while in the busy stream of life.‭

Sunday Morning No 10

Ambassador of the Coming Age, Nov 1868