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20 For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.

That they had seen and heard them is evident from the fact that they submitted to persecution,‭ ‬and ultimately surrendered their lives for declaring that they had so seen and heard Jesus of Nazareth for forty days after he had been put to death.‭

That fact is evidence to us that what they said was true.‭ ‬Men never go in the face of disadvantage and opposition,‭ ‬without a motive.‭ ‬The motive in this case was a conviction that certain‭ ‬facts were true.‭ ‬It was not,‭ ‬as in the case of the persecuted Puritans,‭ ‬a persuasion of certain doctrines.‭ ‬The boldness of the apostles,‭ ‬on the one hand,‭ ‬and the antagonism of the Jewish rulers on the other,‭ ‬turned upon a question of fact,‭ ‬viz.,‭ ‬whether the crucified Jesus had risen.‭ ‬Upon the fact,‭ ‬doubtless,‭ ‬the apostles founded a doctrine,‭ ‬but it was the fact and not the doctrine,‭ ‬that was the cause of the dispute that cost them their lives.‭ ‬Hence their firmness is evidence of the fact,‭ ‬which they asserted,‭ ‬and the basis of our faith.‭

Their subsequent proceedings and writings show too much sanity and discrimination to admit the suggestion that though sincere,‭ ‬they were hallucinated.‭

‭Bro Roberts - Exhort No 4