Gog is...

... preparing for the grand rush against the Ottoman Dynasty of the Little Horn of the Goat, predicted by Daniel in ch. 11: 40. It is not till after he has overthrown the Ottoman, and himself becomes the political incorporation of the Little Horn Power, that the Lord's hooks are put into his Leviathan-jaws, and he is caused to come from the parts north of Palestine and Jerusalem upon the mountains of Israel.

Leviathan has first to acquire maturity in the sea-in the countries of the Mediterranean or Great Sea-out of whose political tempests the Four Beasts of Daniel's vision are matured. The Leviathan power being developed in that sea, the Lord Yahweh purposes to put His hook into its nose and to draw it thence upon the dry land of Palestine.

This Clay Power of the Latter Days, the Feet and Brazen Claws of Daniel's Fourth Beast with which it stamps "the Residue;" also the Clay formative element of the Image's Feet; this power, I say, will possess all Egypt at the crisis of its fate-not Egypt proper only, but all that Fourth Beast dominion, "spiritually, or figuratively, called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified"-the Great City or Roman Babylon of the Latter Days.

For this reason, it is styled "Leviathan, the Dragon that is in the sea." Hence, the King of the Leviathan Power in its final manifestation is the Pharaoh of the Latter Days, and its overthrow in Ezekiel is predicted in language originally applied to the Pharoah contemporary with Nebuchadnezzar, who, being Yahweh's hook, conquered him; and therefore inheriting his power, styled "the great dragon," Nebuchadnezzar's successors of the gold, silver, brass, iron, and clay dynasties, in inheriting his territorial dominion inherit also the dragon-power, which in its iron and clay incorporations is represented in the Apocalypse as

"a great dragon in the heaven"-"the old Serpent, called the Devil and the Satan, which leads the whole habitable astray."

In ch. 12., the Iron Power of the Roman Habitable in its pagan constitution is symbolized by the Dragon; in ch. 13. it is the same territorial dominion with diminished jurisdiction consequent upon the revolutions of the West, in its Greco-Catholic constitution; and in ch. 20., it is the commingled iron and clay having dominion over a habitable extending from the confines of India to the Baltic, in its Russo-Greek and Roman constitution of the Time of the End; and concerning which the Lord Yahweh says by Ezekiel,

"Thou art he of whom I have spoken in old times by my servants the prophets of Israel, who prophesied in those days many years that I would bring thee against them."

Herald of the kingdom and age to come, March 1855

12 And it shall come to pass in that day, that Yahweh shall beat off from the channel of the river unto the stream of Egypt, and ye shall be gathered one by one, O ye children of Israel.

"Yahweh shall save the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David, and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem do not magnify themselves against Judah."

The victory of Bozrah will be fatal to Gentile supremacy in the land of Israel. In the day of this discomfiture its invaders will be beaten off by Yahweh from the channel of the river (Euphrates) unto the stream of Egypt (the Nile); after which he will gather them one by one from Assyria and Egypt to worship him in Jerusalem (Isa. 27:12,13).

This gathering of Israelites of the tribe of Judah, "one of a city and two of a family" (Jer. 3:14) to Zion, will result from the angel proclamation in midheaven [Rev 14: 6]. Being fed by pastors according to Yahweh's own heart with knowledge and understanding, the veil will be removed from the minds of many, who will become willing (Psa. 110:3) to emigrate from among the nations and return to their fatherland. Yahweh, the Man of War, will bring them there - "I will bring you," saith He, "to Zion".

Eureka 14.6.