The Apocalypse in Hosea.

HOSEA declares that Judah shall be saved by Yahweh their Elohim; that is, by Messiah; that in the countries where it is now said to them, "Ye are not the people of Yahweh," there they shall be called, "The sons of the living God." He says also, that at that time Judah and Israel shall become a united nation, and agree to place themselves under One Chief; that he shall betroth the nation to himself for the Aion; that they shall hear Jezreel; that he shall be a David and that this shall come to pass in the Latter Days; and that these, the days of their national resurrection, shall be "in the third day" after their being rent, and removed out of His sight. This can only mean during a third period of a thousand years.

The present year of Ephraim's rending and dispersion is 2,588, which is synchronical with that of our era 1861 (ch. 1:7,10,11; 2:19,22; 3:4,5: 5:14,15; 6:2).

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