13 For I mean not that other men be eased, and ye burdened:

While the law of Christ enjoins kindness to the utmost,‭ ‬it does not absolve any one from the reciprocal obligations of courtesy and good breeding.‭ ‬On the contrary,‭ ‬none are so considerate of their neighbours‭' ‬privacy as those who act habitually on the Christ-prescribed rule,‭ "‬As ye would that men should do unto you,‭ ‬do ye even so to them.‭" ‬But in a land of‭ "‬sundowners‭" ‬this is liable to be forgotten.‭

A one-sided application of the laws of Christ is very unsatisfactory.‭ ‬It brings double pressure where only one pressure was intended.‭ ‬A faithful man will be equal to the double pressure perhaps,‭ ‬but an arch stands best on two piers.‭ ‬It is apt to fall in if the weight is all on one leg.‭ ‬When the guest observe the rules that belong to them it makes it easy for the host to do his part.‭ ‬But the world is out of order,‭ ‬and will continue so till re-constructed by the Master's hand that will give us‭ "‬new heaven and new earth.‭" (‬All which observations are unauthorised in this connection,‭ ‬and inspired only by sympathy for willing horses which are liable to get too much of the burden‭)‬.

‭The Christadelphian, June 1896. p212.