10 And David [Dovid] arose, and fled that day for fear [from before] of Saul, and went to Achish the king of Gath [Melech Gat].

David in Exile

'...it was of God that he was suddenly driven from a position of honour and comfort while yet a very young man, and sent out among the rigours of an outlawed life, for the perfecting of his character, for his preparation for the unbounded exaltation and blessedness that awaited him as a victorious wearer of Israel's crown.

Yet though of God, it was brought about in a perfectly natural way. This is the point of the case. Saul became jealous of him; and after intriguing against him, threw off the mask and gave open effect to his enmity, and compelled David to flee for his life, and remain in concealment among the mountains.

The lesson is obvious (and the study of scriptural matters is vain if it bring not with it a lesson that is "good and profitable unto men"): our troubles may come about in a perfectly natural way, and yet may be of God who knows how to regulate human speech and action (without interfering with human will), as to bring about results that shall be His own contrivance, while apparently the issue of human purpose merely. In this there is comfort for all who may be in distress, who fear God and do His commandments.

There is no more important discernment of the ways of providence than this.

Ways of Providence Ch 16.

 ...all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose - Rom 8: 28.