Samuel, a Special Child

Dear brethren and Sisters, in Samuel, we have a very special child. Today we begin the books of Samuel and the life of Samuel. It is a time of crisis and transition for Israel-from the judges to the monarchy.

Samuel was, in a sense, a second Moses. He sets the nation on a new track. And he was, too in a sense, a type of John the Baptist to point out under God's direction David, as their king, and to anoint him and to announce him to the nation and to focus the voice of prophecy upon him.

Samuel was the last of the judges and the first of the long line of prophets that God sent to Israel from this time forward. Peter, in Acts 3, speaks of all these prophets from Samuel.

The first eight chapters are about Samuel. Saul is introduced in chapter 9 and continues through chapter 15. David enters at chapter 16 and from there to the end of 2nd Samuel, the narrative centers on him.

The story starts with Elkanah (verse 1, chapter 1), a Levite who lives at Ramathaimzophim in Ephraim. This is the same place as Ramah, where Samuel later lived. It was about 10 miles from Shiloh, where the Tabernacle was.

Bro Growcott