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4 Who have said, With our tongue will we prevail; our lips are our own: who is Yahweh over us?

‬The democratic feeling is very strong in human nature.‭ ‬It is the feeling expressed in the words

Practically it takes the form of patriotism,‭ ‬and makes a man rejoice in being part and parcel of the institutions of the land,‭ ‬and in having the right to exercise the‭ "‬sacred duty‭" ‬of defending the soil.‭ ‬More mildly,‭ ‬it makes a man pride himself in the use of the franchise which he calls a‭ "‬birthright‭;" ‬and leads him to join with alacrity in the various movements that politicians set agoing for the cure of the world on the democratic basis.‭

Now it is impossible that these sentiments can exist in a breast where the truth reigns supreme.‭ ‬The divine law will extinguish practical politics.‭ ‬It will fill a man with distaste for Gentilism in every shape and form,‭ ‬and substitute the love of God's kingdom,‭ ‬and God's affairs.‭ ‬The politics pertaining to the commonwealth of Israel will become his politics.

Ambassador of the Coming Age, Nov 1868