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7 The angel of the Yahweh encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.

The ways of God are not confined to the age of miracle. They extend throughout all generations. They are extant today in the sphere both of politics and private life. It is a great help in the battle of life to be able to discern them aright...

Much that is talked of in a common way as providence is no providence. Providence consists of the divine regulation of natural circumstances; and the principles upon which this regulation takes place, can only be learnt from the scriptures of truth. These principles we have endeavoured to exhibit, with the result of enabling us to realise that all who commit their way to God in a scriptural manner, are included in the operations of the only providence that exists in the universe - that is, the control of natural circumstances by angelic agency; in an unseen manner, however, and without any apparent interference with natural ways.

Ways of Providence Ch 27