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4 Yahweh, make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is; that I may know how frail I am.

This measuring of our days - this endeavouring to withstand the deceptive impressions of sense and to penetrate through all the appearances and the feelings of life to the naked fact that we are all the time on the brink of existence,‭ ‬as it were,‭ ‬and may at any moment disappear from the land of the living and the realm of being,‭ ‬as completely as the collapsing bubble on the water,‭ ‬is certainly calculated to lead us to‭

‭"‬apply our hearts unto wisdom.‭"

The people around us are busy applying their hearts-but not to wisdom.‭ ‬They apply them to everything but this.‭ ‬Wisdom is with them either a matter of aversion or a matter of scorn.‭ ‬We are liable to be carried away with the prevailing taste.‭ ‬It is a broad stream on which the world is drifting to destruction.‭ ‬We are here to resist the flood so far as we are concerned.‭

‭...‬In the whole of the Scriptures-in every part-in Genesis as in the Prophets-in the Psalms as in the Apocalypse-we are in contact with the authorised expression of the mind of God in some phase or other.‭ ‬Consequently,‭ ‬as we listen,‭ ‬whatever part is being read,‭ ‬we are‭ "‬applying our hearts‭" ‬to that wisdom which purifies the present,‭ ‬gives stability and comfort to the remainder of our mortal days,‭ ‬few or many‭; ‬and enriches for us the future with an exhaustless inheritance of well-being and joy.

‭Exhort 176 TC 03/1887