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Russia becomes the Dragon power when she takes Constantinople, and unites with the Beast when Germany is confederated with Russia.

The third element is the Papacy restored to a position of ecclesiastical power -Rev 16: 13-16, Rev 18: 7.

"I sit a Queen and am no widow"

This terrible unholy alliance is smashed on the Mountains of Israel - Ezk 38: Dan 11: 45

The Apocalyptic Messenger, June 2022  

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It is the will of God that we be in a state of continual memory and love towards Himself. It is contrary to His desires concerning us that He should ever be out of our mind, or that we should ever abandon the attitude of adoration and thanksgiving and dependence.  

- Brother Roberts

 See (Psalm 63:3-8)


//That God be known-that He be exalted-that His excellence and irresponsible prerogative, and unsearchable power and wisdom be recognised, is reasonable; and to the highest faculties of man, this recognition effectually accorded, is the highest and most ennobling and enduring of the mental delights of which he is capable.//

Brother Roberts - The Visible Hand of God

Acts 17 - Judged in Righteousness

'O Lord God in heaven above, merciful and gracious Father, what can we render to Thee for Thy goodness? Thou hast appointed a day in which Thou wilt judge the world in righteousness by Jesus Christ! Blessed be Thy holy name. We shall all be judged before his tribunal and not man's. Then the hidden things of men shall be brought to light, and their secret thoughts shall be unveiled, to their justification or reproof! Thou God seest us all, for all hearts are open before Thee! If Thou beholdest any thing in me displeasing in Thy sight, let me fall into Thy hands, and not into the hands of those who thirst for my destruction! Grant me patience to endure their unrighteousness, and by fidelity and perseverance to overcome the iniquity of their doings; and may the word of the truth concerning the hope of the glorious gospel of Jesus be established in these countries; and may those who now oppose it, in ignorance and unbelief, find mercy of Thee, repenting of their waywardness, and purifying their hearts by faith, that they may be accepted when the Lord comes! 'Forgive them, for they know not what they do'; and may we all at length find an abundant entrance into the kingdom of the future age, to the glory of the great Immanuel's name! Amen! Amen!"

A Prayer of John Thomas,

                                                quoted in The Protesters, pages 175-176